What to Expect on Your Parasail Adventure

Parasailing charters start at 10am and run every hour on the hour till dusk. Our professional crew will get you onboard the vessel and go through a pre-trip safety briefing before we depart.

Up And Away!

When it is your turn to fly our deckhand will fit you with a lifejacket and parasail harness (if you are flying tandem or triple your partners with be fitted with their own equipment). The parachute is inflated and fly’s just above the boats flight deck, you will then be instructed to make you way up onto the flight deck under the parachute where you are safely secured for your parasail ride.

Sit into your harness and enjoy the ride as the captain gently unwinds the rope slowly lifting you into the Melbourne Sky. Get a bird’s eye view of the Mornington Peninsula as you reach heights of up to 100 meters, and gaze down at beautiful Port Phillip Bay’s beaches and surrounds.

Care To Take A Dip?

Oz parasail Captain’s love to give guests a dip in the water, so don’t forget to tell the captain if you want to stay dry. Landing is a breeze, our winch boat gradually winds you in to the boat for a soft touchdown where you a greeted by the deck hand who will guide you down and assist you back to you seat. Parasailing is fun for the whole family and requires no experience and no ability, if you can sit you can fly.