Welcome to Oz Parasail!

Fly sky high above the Mornington Peninsula with Oz Parasail. Our custom built Marine safety Victoria Approved Parasail winch boat can take you and your family out on Port Phillip Bay for a view and a ride that is guaranteed to be the highlight of your summer.

Melbourne Parasailing

Oz Parasail is the only parasailing operation in Melbourne. Our charters start at the Rye piers and can last up to one hour depending on how many participants are on board. Up to ten Participants or Passengers a welcome aboard the vessel for each charter. Every Parasail ride starts from the boat as opposed to beach take offs, and everyone lands safely back on the boat as opposed to beach or water landings, but don’t worry if you want too get wet there is always the option to get dipped in the water during you ride.

Tandem and Triple Parasail Experiences!

Oz parasail offers single, tandem and triple parasail experiences. That’s right! With the growth in popularity and the development of a larger and more stable ascending parachute we can now not only offer a parasail experience of two people at once (tandem) but three people at a time (triples). Remember Parasailing is very weather and wind dependant, Different conditions can restrict us as to how much weight we can lift at one time so if you have any doubts give us a call before you head down to see us and check on the conditions.